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Low Temperature Superconducting Magnetic

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Application: With the high background intensity to generate the induction field and the matched suitable medium, this superconductive magnetic separator can remove the weak-magnetic properties from the nonmetallic mineral such as kaolin, potash feldspar, soda feldspar, nepheline feldspar, ilmenite and the metallic mineral such as magnetite, fly ash, bauxite. This environmental protection product can upgrade the mineral effectively.

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Working Principle
Adopting the characteristics that the resistance of superconductive coils is zero in low-temperature, we input the current to the superconductive coil to generate high background magnetic intensity that effect the matched special medium to generate higher induction field to attract the weak-magnetic particles in the slurry.
The equipment site
5.5T Superconductive Magnetic Separato4

5.5T Superconductive Magnetic Separato5
5.5T Superconductive Magnetic Separato6
5.5T Superconductive Magnetic Separato7

Technical Features
1. High background intensity. With Nb-Ti superconductive coil, it can generate 5.5T magnetic intensity that is 2-5 times than the traditional product.
2. High induction intensity. The background magnetic intensity effects on the medium inside the separationcavity to remove the weak-magnetic particles.
3. Nonvolatile liquid helium. With 1.5W/4.2K refrigerator that works continuously, the SMS is no need of adding liquid helium within 3 years.
4. Low power consumption. Compared with the traditional product, it can save 90% energy. 5.Short excitation time. It is less than 1 hour.
5. Two cavities are used to alternatively work and wash. 7. Computer-control to control the production and quality.

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